We Amplify

Strategy and Implementation

We co-create inspirational and collaborative change management training and processes that ask: What is our shared vision? What’s already working? What opportunities can we build on? What promising practices and priorities do we need to achieve innovation, performance, and results?

Using a combination of your organization’s data and industry best practices, we build tailored and integrated strategies, online business models, facilitator frameworks, action plans, and resources. Our custom implementation support ensures sustainable organizational change.

Our Approach

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Our 5-I Ideal State Approach creates and implements a visionary strategy that serves as your operational roadmap.


Initiate. Identify a key problem, challenge, opportunity, or aspiration.
What’s a specific area you want to improve? Frame it “affirmatively”: What do you ultimately want?

Identify. Understand your current state — your strengths, barriers, purpose, and opportunities — through research, dialogue, and collective prioritizing.
What is already working that we can build on?

Imagine. Co-create a shared vision for the future and imagine your ideal state — with the full participation of all the people impacted.
What does our ideal future look, feel, and sound like?

Innovate. Identify existing and needed resources and approaches to achieve your desired state through ideas, prototyping, and iterating solutions.
How might we create our future?

Implement. Prioritize, plan, operationalize, and create accountability.
What’s next? What actions, resources, strategies, and reporting/monitoring support our vision?

Our Impact

facilitator training courses
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Awareness and Capacity-Building

Nova Scotia’s Post-Secondary Accessibility Framework established a shared vision and commitments for accessibility in Nova Scotia’s post-secondary sector. Sea Change is leading the process to identify tensions and opportunities in post-secondary accessibility services; build a shared vision to increase the capacity of leaders, faculty, and staff; and create consistent and comprehensive resources to accelerate awareness and capacity.


Research and Knowledge Mobilization

The Family-Centered and Trauma-Informed Responses to Gender-Based Violence in Nova Scotia project builds on previous research to provide strategic, evidence-based recommendations and strategies. Sea Change is playing a key role to facilitate multi-stakeholder learning events, create and implement a knowledge mobilization plan, and offer strategic advice to the research team.


Customer Service Strategy and Development

Sea Change led the development of a customer service strategy for the Registrar’s Office at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Focus groups with more than 100 staff members across multiple teams identified barriers, strengths, and opportunities for training and continuous improvement. We created four online learning modules including Service Mindset, Professional Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Stress & Time Management.