We Elevate

Workshops, Training and Facilitation

We deliver highly experiential training and facilitation workshops using emergent, reflective, relational, and experiential processes. Using proven principles of adult education, management consulting, and engagement, we build belonging and enable full participation and dialogue, as well as individual and collective action.

Our Approach

facilitator training courses

The unique Sea Change 4-D Learning Model enhances the design, delivery, and deepening of collaborative, interactive, and reflective approaches to learning.


Discover. Get clear on everything from your target audience to your learning objectives.

Design. Amplify engagement, collaboration, and accessibility.

Deliver. Spark curiosity, maximize participation, and build connection.

Deepen. Leverage learning and impact with extended activities, feedback, and communities of practice.

Our Impact

facilitator training courses

YWCA Shift Change Equity and Inclusion in the Trades Project

Sea Change is facilitating learning and networking events as part of the three-year Shift Change YWCA Project Team. Shift Change improves women’s economic security and prosperity by addressing barriers to the participation and advancement of all women in the skilled trades sector.


Online By Design

Sea Change’s Online by Design training supports leaders and change-makers to shift from in-person to online training, learning events, and facilitated meetings. Online by Design uses our 4-D Learning Model to support the design, delivery, and deepening of collaborative, interactive, and reflective approaches to online gatherings.


All In! Allyship and Inclusion Leadership

Sea Change created All In! to support leaders and change-makers to foster inclusive and diverse teams and workplaces. This training is an engaging and accelerated 6-week learning experience that is relational, reflective, and relevant to your organization. Proactively supporting inclusion and belonging requires self-awareness, strategies to interrupt bias, equity-centred tools and approaches, and conflict literacy skills.