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Learning Experience Design

We design impactful learning experiences and facilitative leadership resources (courses, infographics, videos, audio stories, and training) that inspire and delight users. We respect and value the intersectionality of adult learners, and facilitate opportunities for reflection and sense-making toward action and change management.

Our Approach

facilitator training courses

ADDIE is considered a tried-and-true instructional design model. We use an ADDIE+ Equity approach, integrating the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) to ensure that learning benefits everyone. Equity-centred learning approaches focus on content that is representative and relevant, but also on the development of the learners themselves through the ways they engage with the content.


Analyze instructional goals, target audience, and required resources.

Design an experience that aligns to the objectives and strategies and ensures inclusion.

Develop learning resources that are representative and accessible, validate and revise drafts, and conduct a test run. Create a variety of learning assets of various sizes and methods to provide learners with the learning they need, based on how, when, and where they need it.

Implement learning solutions by creating an inclusive and accessible learning space and engaging participants.

Evaluate the quality of the learning resources and processes, in addition to how well they accomplish the goals and build belonging for all learners.

Our Impact

facilitator training courses

Online Skill Builders

Sea Change supported national non-profit WinSETT (Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology) to shift seven of its 12 Leadership Skill Builder sessions from in-person to online interactive sessions. The sessions are led by a professional WinSETT facilitator and include discussion, custom training videos, self-reflection, and experience-based learning.


Blended Modules: Trauma-Informed Healing

Non-profit Alice House provides safe second-stage housing and supportive counselling for women and children in Nova Scotia. Sea Change created 12 self-paced modules for women who have experienced violence, supporting the shift from paper modules to online blended learning. Through anonymous audio stories, program graduates share the impact the training had on their lives. Videos with closed captions, infographics, reflections, and worksheets are integrated into all modules.

Self-Paced Modules: Transforming Practice — Learning Equity, Learning Excellence

Sea Change researched and created 10 self-paced Open Educational Resource (OER) modules for faculty and staff across Nova Scotia’s 11 post-secondary institutions. These modules support faculty and student services professionals to enhance their professional practice and advance an ongoing commitment to creating equitable and innovative learning experiences for all students.

The Benefits of the People’s Trust: collaboration with Village Sound Inc. and the Haisla Nation Council.

Sea Change worked in collaboration with Village Sound Inc. and the Haisla Nation Council in BC to create a video focused on the benefits of the People’s Trust, a community trust fund.